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Corporate Event Planning

Planning The Perfect Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event is fun and rewarding but there is a lot of up-front work that goes into making the event a success. Many people volunteer without really understanding the time and effort that goes into pulling off a flawless affair. Planning a corporate event upfront will make the difference between a mediocre experience and one that is a fun, relaxing, and meaningful experience for everyone.

We have compiled some best practices to get your event off to a great start. So, clear your desk, roll up your sleeves and get ready to get down to the serious business of planning a corporate event that’s fun and engaging!

corporate event planning


Properly Planning A Corporate Event Is The Key To Success

Let’s start at the beginning. It may seem obvious that planning is the first logical step in planning a corporate event but a lot more goes into this part than you may initially consider. The first thing you have to understand is your target audience. From here all other decisions will be made. By this we mean, consider everything about who is going to be attending the event and its ultimate purpose. How many people are expected to attend? Will it be a young group or a bit older? Is the business culture laid-back or corporate? Can employees invite their spouses? How about kids? Will the group require transportation to and from the event? Are there any guests with special needs?

Location Location Location

Your next step is to determine where you will hold your event. This brings up a lot of interesting options. What type of location will resonate the most with your guests? Is this an upscale cocktail event? A formal dinner? Casual BBQ? Indoor or outdoor? If children are invited, how will the venue split between adult entertainment and activities for children. How will you incorporate fun interactive activities? Remember to ask questions! You’ll want to know as much information as possible before you can comfortably decide on the where and when. Take excellent notes and above all else be flexible!

Once you have asked all the pertinent info and come up with ideas you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Corporate Event Location


You may be wondering why this isn’t the first step. Well, planning without worrying about money gives you the freedom to think with a “sky is the limit” mindset and come up with some really fun ideas without being inhibited. Unfortunately, in the real world, there are always budget considerations. This is the step where you take a realistic look at what you can and cannot do and start paring down your ideas into manageable implementation.

When planning a corporate event budget, be sure to consider everything you will need to successfully host it. This is going to require you to think less creatively and more practically. There are lots of costs to consider and no one likes running out of money so be sure to cover all potential costs upfront. For instance, is there a cost to use the venue or minimum spend requirements? How much is food per person? This will depend of the type of meal being served. Sit-down meals are costlier and buffets, while cheaper, are less formal.

One of the potentiality most expensive costs involve alcohol. If you aren’t offering this option, obviously you don’t need to worry about this expense but if you do, there are many factors to consider. Are all drinks complementary or will you be issuing a specified number of drink tickets? Will you be offering full bar or beer and wine only? Full bars featuring top shelf spirits are much more expensive. How many bar stations are needed? This will depend on the number of attendees. Usually each bartender hired adds costs to your budget? Some intangibles to consider are: if alcohol is served, will you budget alternate modes of transportation to ensure those who overindulge make it home safely? Other costs to budget for include entertainment, photos, invitations, centerpieces, wait staff, fun activities, and t-shirts or favors (see more on this below).

Corporate Event Budget

Theme Of Your Corporate Event

This may seem like an easy step but there is more to it than you may think. A theme ties the entire experience together so it’s important that once you settle on it, everything from this point on matches the theme. A fun theme will help build excitement about the event and also guide you on some of the food, decor, or activities you choose to incorporate!

It’s important to pay close attention to the details. Carrying out a half-hearted theme may deflate participants more than it pumps them up, whereas a carefully considered and well-executed one sends a message that you’ve invested time and energy into making the event as memorial as possible. There are many tried-and-true themes you can experiment with. Some popular themes that can be easy to implement are: retro night theme, circus or carnival theme, red carpet theme, country western theme, and more! Feel free to think about your audience and come up with a creative theme that will really spark excitement!

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Getting The Word Out

Once you have everything in place, the next critical step is getting the word out. It’s okay to send a simple “save the date” in advance so people can block their calendar but when it comes to sending formal invitations and RSVP, be sure to provide information that makes your guests feel both welcome and as informed as possible.

The more information you provide upfront, the less energy you’ll need to answer questions later. Whether you are sending electronic invitations or something more formal, the key is not to overwhelm your guests with every minor detail, but ensure they have all the essential information they need to feel comfortable.

Make sure they know what to expect and think about the information you need from your guests in advance. Do they have any dietary restrictions? If a “plus one” is welcome will they be bringing anyone? Are you providing transportation or valet parking? The more information you can provide at this point, the more welcome your guests will feel and the less you’ll need to manage the night of the event.

Corporate Event Promotion

Commemorate The Event With Gifts & Custom T-Shirts

Thanking your guests for attending with little favors or branded gifts will make them feel appreciated and help them remember and relive the event long after it’s over. Be sure to pick items that are consistent with your theme and will have lasting meaning to them. Custom screen printed t-shirts and embroidered hats are a great choice because they are fun, practical and everyone can use them. They also give your company a little PR boost every time they are worn.

Options and styles are available to fit any theme and budget. The experts at ACU Plus can provide ideas and quotes to fit any budget, turnaround orders quickly and offer free shipping to any venue or location so they are there and ready for your event. Speak to a screen printing and embroidery professional today at 877-228-1899. Follow us on Facebook.